An Open Door

Jewish Rescue in the Philippines

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Mr. Izon has received nearly every industry award for his more than 200 films.  Notable among these are:


• Regional Emmy, Hawaii

• Multiple Awards at the NY International Film and Video Festival (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals)

• Audience Award ,Best Documentary, Hawaii International Film Festival

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Sharon Delmendo


2008 Diversity Innovation Award, St. John Fisher College

2006 Trustees' Distinguished Scholar Award, St. John Fisher College

2005 The Star-Entangled Banner is a finalist for a National Book Award of the Philippines

2004 The Star-Entangled Banner receives an Honorable Mention for a history book by the Association for Asian-American Studies (AAAS)

1999 Scholar-Teacher Award, St. John Fisher College

1995-96 Fulbright Professor of American Studies, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

1993-94   Xerox Minority Fellowship, St. John Fisher College

1993 Ph.D. in English, State University of New York at Buffalo


Praise for Dr. Sharon Delmendo’s book,  Star-Entangled Banner


"The history of U.S. imperialism, so often advanced under the banner of freedom and democracy, is one fraught with irony and contradiction, and Delmendo traces with understatement and shrewd analysis the distortions and historical amnesia that has been required to conceal the colonial ambitions that underlay the conquest of the Philippines." --  David Lloyd, co-editor of The Politics of Culture in the Shadow of Capital



"This is a tightly argued and sobering work.  It displays the power of the interdisciplinary approach to history, while demonstrating how the effects of U.S. empire in the Philippines continue to resonate in U.S. foreign policy in the post-Cold War era." -- Enrique de la Cruz, editor of Essays into American Empire in the Philippines and co-editor of The Forbidden Book:  The Philippine-American War in Political Cartoons



"This is an important book for its use of popular culture forms and icons to re-examine history and for what it teaches us from that history to prevent the same mistakes from being made over and over again." -- John A. Lent, author, Third World Mass Media and Their Search for Modernity and editor, Illustrating Asia



"Sharon Delmendo has chosen six seemingly separate episodes to weave together a thematic study of Philippine and American interdependence, and she has done it persuasively.  At first blush, one would not connect Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows, Kodak cameras, and John Wayne to Jose Sionil's  [sic] novels or to the Balangiga Bells.  It becomes all the more remarkable that these diverse themes blend together into a fascinating story."  --  Judith Raftery, author, Land of Fair Promise:  Politics and Reform in Los Angeles Schools